Sunday, December 10, 2006

Do I Hear Justifiable Homicide

These are a few of the issues I as a citizen worry about. Now the only way I can do anything about these issues is by way of my Vote. I feel as a citizen I have a personal and civic responsibility that my vote and that of others is handled correctly . If I saw a crime committed I should report it. Now to witness a defective Voting machine and to report it as I did and then witness that nothing was done about it, when there were two close races on the ticket.

This is a crime in it shelf. There may be individuals now in office who may have not won the election. This is not how a legal system works. The defective machine was reported before the count at 2:30pm in the voters booth and two more people witnessed it. Still they left the voting machine up and running. Then agin at the election board hearing they did not remove the defective machine out of the count what a Joke.

Why have a election if we cant do the right thing. Don’t ask me to let this ride. Its against God and country . Pray tell who in the name of god would let it go. A lazy crook?
I can’t buy Justice does a poor man any rights.

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